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Educational multidisciplinary project on Legality and Civic Sense at 1st and 2nd level High Schools in Emilia Romagna



A destra la possibilità di visualizzare in pdf delle brevi schede di presentazione dell’infiltrazione delle mafie di origine italiana  - cosa nostra, ‘ndrangheta, camorra e sacra corona unita –  in Germania e Francia.
Basic principle of that approach is that young generations start the educational itinerary from school, and then transfer it out, thus becoming active individuals on the territory and entrepreneurs of themselves. For that aim, Associazione Pereira developed an educational multidisciplinary itinerary – which has currently reached more than 12,000 students and teachers – that puts together in synergy:

a) frontal lessons

b) web and audio-visual communication

c) direct meeting with witnesses, such as mafia victim’s relatives, racket’s, gamble’s and usury’s victims, magistrates, policemen, investigative reporters, experts in the field and representatives of cooperatives which work on mafia confiscated goods all over the Country.


Module I:

CONTENT: Italian mafia’s history and detailed study; definition of mafia’s structures, of its activities and distinctive characteristics as different from common criminality; analysis of phenomena like intolerance, bullying and cyber-bullying.
METHOD: frontal lesson, group dynamics, film showing, focused use of web (social networks, informative websites, etc..), debate with students.

Module II:

CONTENT: analysis of activities involved in opposing mafia phenomenon in juridical, institutional and social field – from both historical and present point of view.
METHOD: this part is supported by focused use of films and web material concerning the lives of: Giovanni Falcone, Paolo Borsellino, Libero Grassi, Peppino Impastato, Don Pino Puglisi, and organizations such as Libera, Addiopizzo, Agende Rosse, etc.

Module III:

CONTENT: intervention of guests and experts in the field, that directly tell about their experience in fighting against racketeering.
METHOD: this part is supported by external guests such as mafia victim’s relatives, justice witnesses, racket’s, gamble’s and usury’s victims, etc.

Associazione Pereira aims to extend the project on an international scale. The base assumption is that anti-mafia has to operate on an international level, since mafia acts on an international level. That is possible by promoting educational awareness itineraries on socio-cultural side in those Countries, where mafia is strongly infiltrated, even though its presence is “indirect” and/or “invisible” – but not less dangerous and invasive – such as in Northern Italy.


L’immagine di presentazione è il logo dell’associazione antimafia tedesca “Mafia? Nein Danke“, fondato fra gli altri dalla deputata italiana Laura Garavini, che fa parte del network europeo contro le mafie Flare, una rete di associazioni coordinate da Libera su scala europea.

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